Conversations that…

  • Shape the future
  • Change minds
  • Spark innovation
  • Create shared purpose

Leaders everywhere need to find new ways to navigate a world in flux. Now the ability to work with complexity, build trust and empower teams is at the core of effective leadership. This calls on leaders to shift their mindsets and build their capacity to challenge, enable and inspire their people.

edoMidas have been long-standing development partners for us, delivering a range of bespoke, high quality solutions across our business. With a real interest in understanding our culture, they have brought valuable insight and new ideas to our leadership development and continue to challenge our thinking.
Susan Brodie, Director of Talent & Development - Baillie Gifford Get in touch to discuss how we can help you develop agile and adaptive leaders.

Conversations that…

  • Energise teams
  • Build trust
  • Bring challenge
  • Handle conflict

Great managers enable their teams to perform and respond to rapidly changing demands. It means creating conditions that empower, motivate and focus every team member to bring their best. To make that happen, it’s critical for managers to move beyond process and task and master the art of having the right conversations at the right time.

Through robust diagnostics edoMidas really understood our needs. They have created a bespoke programme, aligned to our culture, to give our managers a set of practical tools to improve team performance, and are a pleasure to work with.
Orla Parkin, Head of HR - 3173 Group Get in touch to discuss how we can help you power performance in your teams.

Conversations that…

  • Identify your leadership talent for the future
  • Deliver data to inform your key hires
  • Bring deep knowledge to your succession planning
  • Challenge and stretch your best people

Identifying potential and developing leadership capacity is at the core of your organisation’s growth and competitiveness. Rather than relying on subjective opinion and gut-feel, talent can be objectively assessed and strategically grown, from graduate to leadership level.

edoMidas have been instrumental in helping us assess the potential of our people. From graduates through to new partners, edoMidas has played a critical role in challenging and shaping our thinking and helping us to design, develop and deliver programmes whilst also carrying out assessments for potential new partners.
Derek Cummings, Chief Operating Officer - Burness Paull Get in touch to discuss how we can help you refine your talent strategy.

Conversations that…

  • Deliver dynamic, client-centred pitches
  • Unravel client needs and critical issues
  • Write engaging, client-focused proposals
  • Negotiate reciprocal deals and build long-term relationships

In a landscape of turbulence and uncertainty, businesses everywhere are facing into significant post-pandemic challenges. Clients’ needs are increasingly complex and no matter where you are in the sales cycle, you need to bring much more than your products and services. Understanding your clients’ context, speaking to their unique needs and co-creating solutions has never been more important.

We used edoMidas to help our people present to advisers. The quality and robustness of the edoMidas approach is second to none. Not only do their solutions exceed our expectations, we are able to measure the impact by bottom line results.
Tony Harris, Head of Wealth - Old Mutual plc Get in touch to discuss how we can help you win more business.

Conversations that…

  • Build personal resilience
  • Actively manage pressure
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Learn from set-backs and challenges

We are all experiencing increased change and more uncertainty. As a result, stress and pressure are also on the rise, impacting our outlook and wellbeing in many different ways. Now is a critical time to support your people’s wellbeing by offering the tools proven to make a tangible difference to resilience and personal growth.

edoMidas have developed well-researched training models with practical tools to implement learning.
Chris Bowie Partner, Portfolio Manager - TwentyFour Asset Management Get in touch to discuss how we can help you build resilience in your people.