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Connecting learners globally

As COVID19 is set to dominate our world for the foreseeable future, we are all having to adapt to different ways of working. With remote working now the reality for many people, innovative training and development solutions are essential to keep people focused, engaged and productive.

Our virtual training solutions enable your people to experience high quality, live, interactive development sessions from their laptop, desktop or tablet, wherever they are in the world. Using virtual technology, we invite a small group of participants from your organisation to join an online session where they can both see and speak to our facilitators and their fellow participants in a fully interactive training session.

To enhance the learning experience, we also use virtual breakout rooms where people can participate in role-plays, case-studies and interactive exercises where the facilitator can listen in and give feedback, prior to a plenary session to share learning experiences across the group.


It is the perfect solution for distance learning without compromising on interaction and genuine skills development. If you have people working remotely at home or from multi-site offices, virtual training sessions ensure that people continue to develop themselves whilst adapting to a new set of circumstances.

If you have furloughed staff, they will be able to continue their learning and development in preparation for the future. By providing access to these kinds of opportunities you maintain their engagement levels, keep them connected and support them with essential skills to help them navigate new challenges.

With our range of solutions everyone can benefit from a full and rich training experience that is designed to meet your specific needs.


We have designed a range of solutions specifically to help your organisation cope with challenges of COVID19.  These include sessions that help individuals build their personal resilience, manage a remote team effectively, through to supporting leaders during these times of increasing complexity. We can also design a session on a specific topic for your business if you have a particular development need.


Please get in touch with us for a more in-depth discussion about the solutions we can provide. We would be delighted to offer you a trial-run so you can experience the virtual training environment for yourself.

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