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Talent Assessment

Picking the right ones

How do you spot talent?

There is a great deal more to people than first meets the eye. Each of us possess a unique blend of talents, beliefs, motivation and experiences.  Selecting the wrong person for key positions is often very costly. Therefore, identifying the right individual is absolutely crucial.

Rigorous rather than random

Gut instinct, face value and subjective impressions are not reliable indicators of talent or performance. Yet they are still common approaches to identifying talent in organisations. It works better when there is agreement on what talent looks like and there is a consistent approach to assessing and developing talent. Our talent assessment process takes a more rigorous and in-depth approach ensuring talent is matched with the requirements necessary to succeed.

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What our clients say

Our quality of hire at both graduate and partner level has increased significantly in recent years thanks in no small part to edoMidas. They have a deep understanding of our business and the psyche of the people involved and they provide honest, straightforward and pragmatic insight whilst recognising that it’s ultimately our decision to make."

Judy Leslie Carter - Clydesdale Bank
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