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Critical Conversations

Getting positive outcomes from tricky situations

Are there conversations that fill you with dread?

If the answer is yes, you have a lot in common with the rest of the world. Most of us dread the thought of giving sensitive feedback, tackling a performance issue or dealing with conflict. They are usually the kind of conversations that quickly become charged and uncomfortable, leading us to avoid them and hope the issues will resolve themselves. However,  in most cases they simply get worse, leading to increased tension, underperformance or even the breakdown of relationships.

Getting a positive outcome

The edoMidas Critical Conversations programme gives you the tools necessary to handle the challenge. Using high impact strategies and techniques, you develop the skills that will enable you to tackle difficult conversations and conflict with confidence and achieve a positive result.

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What our clients say

The critical conversations programme that edoMidas ran for our managers was very well received. The content was thought provoking yet very practical and our managers left with some tips to take back to the workplace. "

Julia Campbell - M&G
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