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Advanced Communication Skills

Hitting the right notes

We offer a range of skills-based solutions to help your people communicate effectively. These skills include:

  • Critical Conversations
  • Strategic Influencing
  • Presenting your company message effectively

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Critical Conversations
  • Critical Conversations More Info
    Critical Conversations
    Getting positive outcomes from tricky situations

    This programme will provide you with the tools to handle conflict and achieve positive results from difficult conversations.

Strategic Influencing
  • Strategic Influencing More Info
    Strategic Influencing
    Getting everyone on your wavelength

    This programme develops advanced influencing skills - vital to get results in business.

Presenting to win over your audience
  • Presenting to win over your audience More Info
    Presenting to win over your audience
    Making it stick

    This programme will ensure you give engaging presentations, bringing even the most technical and complex subject matters to life for your audience.

Presenting with Confidence
  • Presenting with Confidence More Info
    Presenting with Confidence
    Staying cool under pressure

    This programme is specifically designed to help you overcome your concerns, build confidence and vastly improve your presentation skills.

Conference Speaking
  • Conference Speaking More Info
    Conference Speaking
    Under the spotlight

    Consultancy services and training for conference speaking.

What our clients say

Thanks to edoMidas, we have benefited from tailored development solutions well aligned to our business needs, culture and values. The edoMidas team create a supportive learning environment where delegates don't just learn the theory but are actively encouraged to put their learning into practice."

Aileen McLaren - Standard Life Investments
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