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Does Humour Belong In Presentations?

Does Humour Belong In Presentations?

When you ask audiences what they like about presentations, many say that humour and asides make them more enjoyable, memorable and interesting. However, a word […]

It’s all about you (Part 2) – how to write client-focused materials

It’s all about you (Part 2) – how to write client-focused materials

Write directly to clients Most writers in a business setting feel compelled to write only about their own company or department’s interests. In personal conversations […]

Tips for cold calling

Tips for cold calling – false assumptions let sales escape (false)

When the winning horse crosses the line at Ascot, it’s not because it has had a better breakfast or a magic saddle or even a […]


How to write client-focused materials When writing marketing materials or proposals, most professional services firms tend to write too much about themselves. They focus on […]

Time to think team

If you manage people it’s worthwhile to review how you’re doing now and again. The responsibility for managing people often sits on top of a […]

Negotiation vs sales

“Doctor, doctor, gimme the news. I got a bad case of lovin’ you.” When he penned those words, the late (and much missed) Robert Palmer […]