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Sam knows when leading in complexity...


Sam knows when leading in complexity…

Yeah but… No but… Yeah but…

“Yes but…” is often used in conversation but usually means “No” or “I disagree”. Here you can learn an alternative language pattern to significantly improve your communication during difficult conversations and ensure your point is listened to.

Storytelling Series – Part 3: The litmus test of a good story

The final article in the storytelling series explains the key components of an effective story

Storytelling Series – Part 2: The power of a great story

Part 2 in the storytelling series demonstrates why stories resonate so much for followers.

Storytelling Series – Part 1: The Leadership Paradox – examples from pop, politics and the public eye

The first article in our storytelling series. The leadership paradox and how to address it.

Dirty tricks in negotiations – part 2

Some more dirty tricks used in negotiations and effective countermeasures.