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High on giving

Exercise 6: Get high on giving

It is well documented that ‘giving’ makes you feel better than ‘receiving’. Harvard professor Michael Norton demonstrated that giving money to someone else lifted participants’ […]

Happy Talk

Exercise 5: Learn to happy talk

Do you sometimes get a compliment only to brush it off as if it’s not important? Do you sometimes forget to mention the positives you […]

Never keep up with the Kardashians

Exercise 4: Don’t keep up with the Kardashians – ever!

In 1972, the Kingdom of Bhutan, which is nestled in the mountains between India and China, invented their own Gross National Happiness (GNH) index, using […]

Monkey Brain

Exercise 3: Tame your monkey mind

It is now a known fact that thought comes before feeling. That means negative thoughts start negative feelings, not the other way around as is […]

Exercise 2: Wake up and smell the roses

Research psychologists have demonstrated that 90% of our happiness is about how we see our world and only 10% is to do with our life […]

Thank Yourself Happy

Exercise 1: Thank Yourself Happy

So you think you know what makes you happy? If you are like most people, you probably don’t. We imagine for instance that winning the […]