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10 Tips To Win a Pitch

10 tips to help win a pitch

Following on from where David left off with his article on 10 points that may lose you a pitch we thought we’d stay positive, and […]

10 Reasons for losing a pitch

Do you pass the ‘So what?’ test? David McDermott is a leading international expert in competitive pitching and communication skills. Helping clients win multi-million pound […]

Winning Business in a Recession

Winning Business in a Recession

The Issue In a recession new business opportunities are even more critical to convert and difficult to come by. For most organisations the number of […]

Tangled Mess

Dealing with tricky issues – without messing up!

Do you sometimes have to give people negative feedback or resolve a sticky issue? If so, you might be one of millions who dread the […]

The 7 deadly sins of tackling a performance issue

Giving honest feedback, tackling a performance issue or dealing with conflict are conversations that are critical to every business. Yet they are also the kind […]

Exercise 8: Keep your promises

It’s the worst thing in the world when as a parent you make a promise to your kids that you can’t keep. To look into […]