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Storytelling Series – Part 3: The litmus test of a good story

In our last article, we looked at how storytelling in a business context can be a genuinely powerful way to engage and motivate people. You […]

Storytelling Series – Part 2: The power of a great story

In the last edoBuzz article we explained how leaders address the ‘Leadership Paradox’ by telling stories that connect with common humanity. Here, we explore further […]

Storytelling Series – Part 1: The Leadership Paradox – examples from pop, politics and the public eye

At the heart of leadership, there is a paradox. It goes back thousands of years to the beginning of democracy. And here it is: we […]

Dirty tricks in negotiations – part 2

Our last article certainly created a bit of a buzz. As we mentioned, there is a lot of interest in dirty tricks used in negotiations […]

Dirty tricks in negotiation

Effective negotiating in high value transactions requires the knowledge, skill and strategies necessary to achieve an outcome that is satisfactory for both parties. This is […]

Building Empathy

Building your empathy

In the first article in our series on the topic of empathy we looked at what it means to be empathetic. The second article concluded […]

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